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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Level Agreement SLA, the SureClinical Support services other optional services described herein apply and are available to Customers with an active subscription to utilize the SureClinical Services, and whose account is current (i.e. not past due), including, with respect to optional services, timely payment of fees therefor. The SureClinical Services are delivered pursuant to the Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”) which is available at:

1. Support Service Levels

SureClinical will provide Customer with support services for Customer as per the MSA and according to Customer’s contracted support subscription package.   SureClinical will respond to Customer product support requests per Customer’s contracted support subscription offerings. For clarity, SureClinical’s current MSA Support subscription offering packages are:

Tier 0 Support – Tier 0 Support is included with Customer’s product subscription and Customer is required to use Tier 0 support to the extent necessary.  Tier 0 consists of online help and online training.

Tier 1 Support – Tier 1 Support is provided by Customer’s IT helpdesk.  Tier 1 Support consists of common IT helpdesk support services such as:  troubleshooting basic PC issues, web browser or software installations, password, PIN resets and account unlocks, virus and malware scanning and removal, network connectivity issues, email account setup, application setup and navigation assistance, printer and scanner issues, mobile device assistance, user creation, user administration and management, contacting vendor support on users’ behalf, ongoing training.  SureClinical makes available its free SureClinical helpdesk connector to assist Customer with Tier 1 Support.  SureClinical’s in-application helpdesk connector is provided as a resource and tool for Customer’s IT helpdesk.   SureClinical monitors issue trends only and does not actively monitor or review helpdesk IT reports.  Product support reports are directly submitted to the email address or system URL specified by Customer.  SureClinical disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy, security of any email or recipient system.  Helpdesk provides a connection from SureClinical’s applications to Customer’s helpdesk staff or system for basic IT helpdesk support resources and assistance.  The helpdesk connector forwards a summary report to the Customer helpdesk from SureClinical with details such as: username, user email, device identification, support  issue summary, optional description and application context where the help request was made.  SureClinical does not monitor the helpdesk requests.   Customer training requirement: For each SureClinical product or service subscribed to, Customer is required to have a minimum of one application administrator who has completed SureClinical’s administrator training within the last three years.  

Tier 1.5  Multilingual Support – not included with subscription, but available for additional fee.   Multi-Language (French, Italian, German, Spanish, English), 24×5, 4hr response time  – Requires sales order proposal. Cost varies by Customer needs. Minimum of $10,000/month with a one-year subscription term. Additional fees will apply based on volume of Customer support incidents.

Tier 2 Support (Standard Support)  – Tier 2 Support is SureClinical’s standard support level provided to Customer pursuant to the MSA, and this SLA.  Under SureClinical’s Tier 2 Support, Customer and Customer’s users will be provided access to SureClinical’s free application training videos, free online application help, and 25 support tickets per year.  Additional tickets are charged at $150/incident. 

Tier 2 standard support is provided for all SureClinical products with the following Standard Support Matrix:

SureClinical Products Covered

Support Channel

Support Services Offered

Supported Languages

Supported Time Zones / Max Response Time


Phone – USA

Tier 2 Support*


USA 8.30am to 5pm PST / 1 USA business day max


Web, Email

Tier 2 Support


All / 1 USA business day max

Tier 2.5 Support (eClinical Product Concierge Services, not included, available for additional fee)  –   SureClinical provides tailored eClinical Product Concierge Services such as:  user creation and administration, permissions customization, group creation and management, product configuration, product UAT and validation, audit services and more.  Tier 2.5 support requires sales order proposal, and cost varies by Customer needs, however, minimum is $10,000/month with a one-year subscription term.

2. Service Availability

a. Coverage and Definitions

The term “SureClinical Cloud” or “SureClinical” is defined as any production multi-tenant cloud hosted by SureClinical.

The term “Application” refers to the SureClinical and associated application feature/functionality contained within the SureClinical subscription.

The term “Service Availability” is defined as the percentage of a particular month (based on 24 hour days for the number of days in the subject month) that the SureClinical Cloud was available for access.

The term “SureClinical Free Trial” is defined as the multi-tenant cloud hosted by SureClinical.

The SureClinical Free Trial Cloud is excluded from the term “Service Availability”.

“Scheduled Maintenance” does not factor into Service Availability. To ensure the platform uptime and keep SureClinical operating optimally, it is necessary to perform regular, routine maintenance (“Scheduled Maintenance”) that, on occasion, may affect Application availability.

Scheduled Maintenance occurs once a week, on Saturday between 12am — 4am PT, USA

The term “Online Customer Support Service” refers to SureClinical’s online ticketing service that enables current customers to enter a customer support request and or note any software issue or concern.

SureClinical reserves the right to schedule additional Scheduled Maintenance on an emergency basis with twelve (12) hours’ notice, for not more than eight hours at a time.

b. Service Level

SureClinical’s goal is to achieve 99.9% Service Availability.

Subject to c and d below, if in any month the Service Availability is less than 99.99%, SureClinical shall provide, as the sole and exclusive remedy, a credit to Customer in accordance with the following schedule, with the credit being calculated on the basis of the monthly service change for the affected service:

Service Availability

Credit Percentage

< 99.9%


< 99.00%


< 97.00%


< 95.00%


< 90.00%


c. Exceptions

Customer shall not receive any credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of Service Availability caused by or associated with:

  • circumstances beyond SureClinical’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, armed conflict, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, virus attacks or hackers or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for provision of this SLA;
  • scheduled maintenance, upgrades and emergency maintenance;
  • any DNS or Domain Registry issues outside the direct control of SureClinical including DNS and Registry propagation issues and expiration;
  • customer’s acts or omissions (or acts or omissions of others engaged or authorized by customer), including, without limitation, custom scripting or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, etc), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the customer’s account in breach of the MSA;
  • acts or omissions of other customers (or acts or omissions of others engaged or authorized by other customers) sharing the affected server(s) with customer, including, without limitation, custom scripting or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, etc), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the other customers’ account in breach of the MSA;
  • outages elsewhere on the Internet that hinder access to your account. SureClinical is not responsible for browser, DNS, or other caching that may make your account appear inaccessible when others can still access it. SureClinical will guarantee only those areas of the Internet considered under the control of SureClinical: SureClinical servers’ links to the Internet, SureClinical’s routers, and SureClinical’s servers themselves.

d. Credit Request

In order to receive a credit, Customer must make a request for credit by filing a support ticket through SureClinical’s Online Customer Support Service. Each request in connection with this SLA must include the dates and times of the unavailability, a description of the perceived problem, and must be received by SureClinical within one (1) business day after the unavailability. If the unavailability is confirmed by SureClinical, credits will be applied within 30 days of SureClinical’s receipt of customer’s credit request.

The total amount credited to Customer in a particular month under this SLA shall not exceed the total monthly recurring fee paid by the Customer for said month for the affected Services. Credits are exclusive of any applicable taxes charged to Customer or collected by SureClinical and are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any failure or deficiency in the Availability.

3. Severity Levels and Response Time

Severity Levels are characterized from Level 1 (most severe) to Level 3 (least severe):

  • Severity Level 1 (S1) – An S1 issue occurs when the SureClinical Cloud is down when online and connected to an internet service provider.
  • Severity Level 2 (S2) – An S2 issue is when a critical software function is impaired and/or not functioning according to specifications.
  • Severity Level 3 (S3) – An S3 issue is when a non-critical software function is impaired and/or not functioning according to specifications.

a. Response Time under Standard Support

SureClinical Standard Support is available to all Customers that have a subscription under the MSA.  Service level commitment and response time are set forth below.

Response Time

Business Hours

Phone Support

Case Management

Severity Level 1

(1 hour)

24/7, M-F



Severity Level 2-3

(2 business days)

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT (9 hours), M-F


25 per year, online support portal and email

Reported S1 issues receive a response within 1 hour.  SureClinical 24/7 toll free phone support covers only S1 issues.  If SureClinical determines an issue is not S1, it will be responded to within 2 business days.  There is no guaranteed response time for support cases submitted via email.

b. Response Time under Premier Support

SureClinical Premier Support is available to all Customers that have a current MSA with SureClinical and have paid for Premier Support service.  Premier service level commitment is described below.

Response Time

Business Hours

Phone Support

Case Management

Severity Level 1

(1 hour)

24/7, M-F



Severity Level 2-3

(8 business hours)

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT (9 hours), M-F


Unlimited, online support portal and email

SureClinical Premier Customers may open any level of support case by phone.  SureClinical 24/7 toll free phone support covers only S1 issues.  If SureClinical determines that an issue is not S1, it will be handled according to Premier Support, which is 8 business hours response time. 

Important Disclaimer Regarding Your SLA

SureClinical’s sole obligation and your exclusive remedy for SureClinical’s failure to deliver any services covered hereunder shall be for SureClinical, at its option, to reperform the services in a manner substantially in accordance with this SLA or issue a refund to you.

For information regarding SureClinical support services, please refer to our service description or access directly at

http://www.sureclinical.comLast updated Sep 28 2020

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