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Electronic ISF

Site Management Solution

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Designed by and for Clinical Operations professionals, SureISF™ is a cloud-based regulatory content management application for Electronic Investigator Site Files (EISF).   With FDA Part 11 compliance validation, SureISF automates the capture, digital completion, signing, classification and tagging of content.  Designed to enable clinical sites to collaboratively view, share, digitally esign, comment on and manage site-specific content, SureISF is an easy to use solution for all your sites.  

Simplify and streamline site content management tasks with SureISF.  

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard
Speed Study Activation

Compliant Site Files

Rapid Implementation Wizard eTMF

Sites can streamline reviews and approvals to speed study activation with SureISF. 

SureISF is provided with out of the box 21 CFR Part 11, EC Annex 11 and HIPAA compliance validation certification.

Have confidence that your site solution is FDA and EC-compliant and get to the business of enrolling patients and starting your study sooner.

Rapid Implementation Wizard eTMF
Reference Model Template eTMF
Full Interoperability

SureETMF Site Solution

Reference Model Template eTMF

SureISF is based on and is interoperable with SureETMF, SureClinical’s flagship cloud eTMF management solution. Major global CRO’s, Sponsors and research sites have standardized on SureETMF.

SureISF can be used for all clinical trials globally, with support for all popular Microsoft Office file formats, trusted Adobe Digital Certificate eSigning, with connectivity to popular cloud applications. With its HIPAA-compliant DICOM medical image support, SureISF and SureETMF provide clinical trial stakeholders with a value unavailable in any other iSF solution.

Digital Content Capture

Improve Regulatory Efficiency

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture

Monitors can say goodbye to chasing wet signatures.  With SureISF, you can eliminate the time-consuming manual content capture processes such as printing, scanning, signing, uploading, tagging,  naming, and classifying.  With SureISF, Sponsors can be confident that their sites can streamline those tasks with best in class Adobe digital certificate signing, automated PDF form and document completion workflows with collaborative portals, real-time content capture with automated tagging, saving time and enhancing quality.

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture
Dashboard Analytics

Understand what you have and what you need

Dashboard Analytics

SureISF supports required document, expired document and missing document tracking and reporting. Simple to use dashboards and notifications allow collaboration between sites, sponsors, CRO’s and clinical trial stakeholders.

Dashboard Analytics
Collaborative Clinical Network SureNetwork
Collaborative Clinical Network

Share Content, Knowledge & Insight Globally

Collaborative Clinical Network SureNetwork

SureISF is the only eISF solution that provides access to a global trusted clinical network. 

With SureETMF and SureNetwork, you have the ability to import centrally managed documents from SureNetwork’s Person or Org profiles into your ETMF.   Get automated updates for the latest licenses, CVs, financial disclosures and more with one click on a person’s profile. 


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