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Clinical Trial Management System

Automate Clinical Trial Operations

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

The phrase ‘make a plan and work it’ has never been easier than with SureCTMS.  Our next generation clinical trial management system provides template-based project milestone management, workflow automation, site and monitor report automation, enrollment tracking, real-time analytics and more.  Connect with popular EDC systems for real-time study subject data import.  Designed as a mobile-first application, SureCTMS provides clinical trial project managers and global team members with easy to use, always available tools to manage clinical trial projects at the point of activity. Whether you’re at a site, in the office or on the go – SureCTMS helps you to manage projects anytime, anywhere.

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard
Study Management
Study Management

Optimize your study, site, and team management

In order to accelerate new drug development project timelines and to lower costs, clinical trial projects need to get started faster and finish sooner.

To shorten project timelines it is essential that common repetitive manual tasks are automated.  SureCTMS automates common clinical trial management tasks such as essential document collection, site visit scheduling, activities, tasks and monitor reporting; site payment tracking and issue management.  SureCTMS is the first CTMS system to address the entire clinical trial management lifecycle with a suite of unified applications and a trusted clinician network.  From searching for qualified investigators in our trusted clinician network to the FDA submission process, your team will be able to more efficiently analyze, execute, track and automate common clinical trial tasks.  

Study Management
Team Building

Accelerate Study Startup

After product efficacy, effective study team selection is cited as the single most significant success factor in clinical trials. With SureCTMS™, SureNetwork™ and our unified platform, you can quickly search, identify, qualify and recruit sites and study team members with the right experience and verified credentials. Identify your dream study team and bring them directly into your CTMS project with the click of a button.

Study Process Automation

Milestone and Activity Automation

Automate recurring activities such as site visits, monitor visit reporting, follow-up letters and more with activity plan templates, task workflow automation and project calendars. Track task execution and progress with real-time Gantt milestone charts, proactive task notifications and reporting.  

Integrated ETMF

Manage and Track Essential Docs

Simplify clinical study document collection, completion and tracking with SureETMF, our premier next generation cloud ETMF solution.  Save time with a unified solution offering a single source of truth.  Both SureETMF and SureCTMS are FDA compliance validated.

Rapid Implementation

CTMS Study Creation Wizard

Rapid Implementation

Get your new study started in minutes, not months.  SureCTMS’s Study creation wizard sets up and configures your CTMS, ETMF, Study Team and more in as little as 5 minutes.  Quickly start a study without expensive setup fees, consulting fees or implementation fees.  Save study templates for reuse across other projects. 

Rapid Implementation
Single Source of Truth

Confidence and Trust

With SureCTMS and our suite of unified applications, network and platform, you’ll be able to source key clinical data with confidence.  Our centralized, single data model ensures consistent clinical data availability for all SureClinical system users globally.  

Project Budgeting

Flexible Clinical Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting

A critical part of effective clinical study management is the ability to create and manage study and project budgets.   SureCTMS provides the ability to create multi-currency budgets for sites, vendors and organizations.  Automatically track and report payments made and payments due for sites, study subjects, vendors, and organizations against your budget.  Report on payments made, payments due and other finance tasks. Export payment vouchers with a broad range of external financial applications and payment gateways for payment completion and accounting.

Project Budgeting
Multi-Currency Support

Global Study Finance Management

Clinical trials are often conducted on a global basis.  When sites, vendors and consultants are located in in multiple countries, it’s critically important to have multiple currency support for budgets, payment tracking and reporting. SureCTMS provides integrated multi-currency support for budgets, site payables, subject procedures, subject visits and many other financial activities.

Dashboard Analytics

Enable Better Decision Making

Start your day with a role-based dashboard project status view.  Quickly determine tasks that are on track and areas that may need your attention.

SureCTMS provides a global status view of all projects.  Each project has its own configurable dashboards and metric gadgets with the ability to drill down for details in context.  

Metrics that Matter

View KPIs, Cycle Times and More

What gets measured gets done – We make it easy to see the status of your study KPI’s, cycle times and metrics.  SureCTMS offers a dedicated Metrics tab that comes preconfigured with the most common metrics for study, site and clinical trial projects.  Optimize your metrics dashboard with one click to add your own KPI’s and metrics. Easily configure dashboards with drag and drop metric gadgets.

Smart Reporting

Share Project Status

SureCTMS includes a wide range of project status, enrollment site activation and  20+ additional standard reports to keep your team informed.   

Reports can be delivered on a subscription basis in both PDF and XLS formats. It’s easy to create your own custom reports, report subscription groups and custom notifications.