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Eclinical Intelligence Suite

Transform Clinical Data Into Intelligence

After decades of being held captive by legacy application vendors where isolated islands of data are the norm, clinical organizations can finally break fee.  SureClinical’s suite of Eclinical Intelligence tools lets you leave the limitations of legacy vendors behind while you automatically connect, centralize and combine clinical performance metrics and analytics in a single flexible clinical knowledge repository for Eclinical Intelligence. 

To ensure compliance with new global government agency quality guidance, BioPharma companies need a centralized knowledge repository with analytics and trending and a system for implementing continuous improvement*  SureClinical makes it easy to get started on this important initiative with our suite of Eclinical Intelligence tools. 

EClinical Intelligence Products

SureClinical’s Eclinical Intelligence Suite includes our prebuilt application connectors, a central knowledge repository to capture configurable performance metrics and cycle time analytics.  Our Analytics tools provide visualization, reporting, planning and notification.  Team hubs connect internal and external stakeholders and suppliers for communication and continuous improvement  throughout your organization’s ecosystem.  

Packaged Connectors


Certified connectors for popular eClinical Applications

Connect disparate applications and data with SureConnect. With SureConnect’s prevalidated connectors and our migration wizards, you’ll be able to automate the manual process of connecting external clinical and quality applications and data in two clicks. With SureConnect you’ll get connected in minutes, not months, eliminating tedious, time consuming and costly manual connector programming, validation and ongoing connector maintenance.

Clinical Intelligence


Gain a singular view of clinical data across apps

Centralize, capture and combine clinical knowledge with SureIntel, our clinical knowledge repository.  After you’ve connected your clinical applications and datasources with SureConnect, you’ll be able to streamline the capture, collection and storage of key clinical performance metrics, process cycle times and analytic data.

Analytics & Metrics


Capture, Measure, Analyze Process KPIs and Metrics

Convert clinical operations and quality data into actionable information with SureAnalytics  With SureAnalytics your organization will be able to accelerate the measurement, analysis, review and reporting of clinical performance metrics. Implement, share and deploy continuous improvement milestones, risk management plans and preventative measures based on predictive analytics and smart suggestions using SureAnalytics.

Team Hubs


Instant Team Hubs for Staff, Sites, Partners, and Vendors

Communicate and Collaborate throughout your organization and external team with SureHubSureHub is our flexible, easy to use clinical productivity hub that can be created in seconds for project communication, workflow process routing and completion, document and form review, approval and signing. 

Only SureClinical provides you with an open, connected,  smart and easy to use Eclinical Intelligence system that can transform clinical operations data into clinical intelligence.