ECO Apps Bundle

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Sureclinical Applications Bundle Offer

ECO Apps Bundle

Accelerate clinical trial timelines with measurable quality with the industry’s first and only suite of connected eClinical applications – including ETMF, ISF, CTMS, QMS and more, all delivered on a modern collaboration platform. Have an application from another vendor? No problem. Our collaboration platform offers pre-validated application connectors to popular applications, even to our competitors. Only SureClinical connects people, programs, projects and processes everywhere for a singular view of your clinical data.

Connect Everyone, Everywhere

Connect clinical teams, applications, projects and processes with plug and play simplicity.  Get projects, apps and teams started and connected in minutes instead of months with our ECO Bundle.  Need to import data into a report or app from your favorite EDC?  Only SureClinical has an open eClinical apps marketplace with pre-validated add-ons and connectors to your favorite applications to create a connected, centralized, configurable view of  projects and data in two clicks for real time analysis, insight and intelligence to accelerate, streamline and automate clinical trial operations. Get started today with our ECO Bundle. Deploy in minutes, not months.

SureClinical ECO Apps Bundle Offer

SureClinical ECO Bundle
Min. Users
Power User Price
Hub User Price
2021 Year End Incentive Offer*
(Per User/month)
(Per User/month)
10 Power
10 Power
10 Power
10 Power
*Prices subject to change. Add-ons priced separately

For more information on the ECO Bundle pricing, please visit our Pricing FAQ page

ETMF, ISF Hub Users are licensed per project with a two hub user minimum per Site Organization.

SureClinical Applications

Trial Doc Management


Trial Master File Management

Site Doc Management


Investigator Site File Management

Trial Project Management


CTMS Cloud Application

Quality Management


QMS Cloud Application

ECO Platform

Connect eClinical Operations Teams Everywhere

Connect people, projects, programs and processes with our ECO Platform. Reduce clinical trial operations costs and timelines with automation, productivity and collaboration tools. Deploy with confidence using our Continuous Compliance subscription.  Quickly configure and deploy new applications in seconds with our eClinical Marketplace and Team Hubs.

SureClinical Marketplace

Most eClinical systems are built to lock you and your data in. If this sounds like your eClinical system vendor, then it’s time to take back your freedom.

Innovation starts with the freedom to be your best, without limits. Break free from vendor lock-in with the first, open eClinical apps marketplace, giving you freedom of choice, flexibility, and extensibility.

Create role-based digital experiences for internal and external teams with drag and drop simplicity using our team hubs and Marketplace with pre-validated add-ons and connectors.


Go Digital with the First Eclinical Ecosystem

Most vendors will limit your choices to their applications — their credo is “You can have it in any color, as long as it’s black.” In contrast,
our Eclinical Ecosystem is as flexible as your smartphone.  Starting with our ECO Platform, you can quickly create the Eclinical Ecosystem
 you want with our apps, your apps, and Marketplace add-ons. 

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