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The Fastest Path to Success

Empower your clinical trial team with Sure’s top tier eClinical applications and productivity tools. 

Successfully deliver new treatments to patients worldwide faster and easier than ever before.

why choose sure?


Connect People, Projects, Processes and Programs with ease. Everything you need for success.


Role-based applications with centralized data and streamlined workflows


Deploy in days and complete tasks in minutes with modern mobile ready solutions


Easy to use, easy to configure and easy to deploy. Focus on clinical, not on clerical.

Our Applications

Sure provides top tier eClinical applications for clinical operations and quality.

Automate, Streamline and Accelerate clinical operations and quality with our suite of connected clinical applications for project management, quality, and regulated content management for sponsors, CROs and investigator sites.

Explore each application:

Document Management

Simplify and streamline the capture, classification, management, signing and sharing across internal and external teams

Project Management

Automate, streamline and accelerate Clinical Trial Management and monitoring operations with workflows, fillable forms and connectors to EDC systems.

Site Management

Accelerate document completion, capture and signing for Clinical Investigator Sites with the first ISF - ETMF document mirroring solution.

Quality Management

Transform manual quality docs, training and event processes with automated workflows, trusted doc signing, centralized metrics and predictive analytics.

Clinical is critical.
Time-saving can mean life saving.

Empower your clinical team and accelerate the delivery of treatments and devices to the people that need them most.

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